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How to jump higher kitesurf

Stagnone Kitesurf is today speaking about on how to jump with the kite.

A sequence of operations not particularly difficult, the next milestone to beat after upwinding.

But to jump with Kite is important to give importance to all details without neglecting anyone.

The jump with the kite consists of four steps:

kitesurf jump

a) bring the kite quickly  to zenith

b) pop

c) follow the pull of the kite in the air with the body and pull the bar

d) once in the air to redirect the kite in the desired direction

e) spot your landing  downwind

some of these operations are almost contemporaneous.

The speed of reversal of the kite affects the leap: from the kite in position 45 * reversed quickly trying to stop the kite at the zenith. days most windy will help to correct any small errors in the air following the kite with the body.

Pop: the speed at which you are riding and the speed of pop serve to provide a pre-tension lines that will make you jump higher. Exit the pop pushing with the rear leg is like a stepping stone to leave off from water and for the right posture while jumping.

the More rapid and intense pressure with the back leg  the more you’ll be ready to jump high .

In the air pull the bar (you will be instinctive) will get softer landings.

When you begin the descent addressed the kite in the desired direction, almost like a water start in the air. It is a key step not to land on the butt. If not done in time you will find yourself in the most of your kite so that it will tend to stall. Landing downwind, will avoid hard crashes, resume immediately the edge upwind to avoid losing water.

 we enclose a video of Dimitri Maramendies, a brief summary of what the aforementioned:

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