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Weather Wind Forecast Stagnone Marsala2018-11-14T19:38:46+00:00

How to interpret the wind forecast for Kitesurf lessons:


At the Stagnone, a lagoon open to the sea only in 2 points can safely get out with Kitesurf with wind ON, OFF and SIDE.

from 0 to 9 knots it is not possible to fly the Kite from 9 to 11 knots you can do the first Kite control lessons (without board) and / or body drag (also the relation to your weight).

from 12 knots onwards it is possible to carry out any Kitesurf lesson, keeping in mind that the comfort zone ends when the wind approaches 30 knots.

Generally, contrary to what you think, learning Kitesurf with sustained wind is easier than with light winds. The sustained winds in fact forgive all the mistakes of beginners, with very light winds more technical is needed.


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