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Lo Stagnone

Tourist Guide, Kitesurf  School in the lagoon , Stagnone Wind System, the nearest beaches and all you need to know to enjoy Lo Stagnone

The Natural Reserve of Stagnone oriented or vulgarly only Stagnone is one of the havens for the Italian Kitesurf .

With an area of 2012 hectares is a very nice environment to be preserved and enhanced. Stagnone appears open to the sea in just 2 points : the mouth north to San Teodoro and the South mouth to C /da from Spagnola ‘closer to the city of Marsala .

Inside there are the tanks of more ‘ salt with striking windmills , and you can visit the Islands of Mozia ( or Mothia San Pantaleo ) , Scola and Longa Island which closes the entire body of water .

Lo Stagnone is on the halfway between Marsala and Trapani, a few steps from Vincenzo Florio Trapani  Airport ( TPS ) . There’s no better period for wind at Lo Stagnone, wind is always present every months every week, almost everyday.

Better Seasons or better months for wind and weather :

at lo Stagnone you’ll find wind in every period of the year, in winter disturbance winds between December and February , in Spring between March and June thermic wind begin, and in summer from July Lo Stagnone gives us gorgeous windy days even if not foreseen on Windfinder or Windguru, we estimate that lo Stagnone gives more than 300 windy days per year.

Wind at Lo Stagnone

Stagnone and the wind Stagnone works with two opposite wind systems : the Northern ( N , NE , NW) and the South ( between sirocco and south-west ) .

The wind from the north is clean and stable , while the nervous Scirocco is very gusty . The particular shape of the Stagnone lagoon islands creates channels that accelerate the wind speed , also the shallow waters are easily warmed by the sun : The temperature difference between the open cold sea and the warmer Lo Stagnone , without distinction generate thermal wind north and South , especially in summer when disturbances are hided .


Near the spot proliferate many B & B and cottages for the consumption of kiters from all over Europe, most of which are very nice, new and equipped with every comfort, from flat tv to free wifi, fully equipped not to mention the kitchens to make guests ‘stay more’ comfortable.


In the district Birgi, close to Trapani airport is a train, as well as a post office, several bars (including mention the historiographic BAR SARO) Pharmacy, and various supermarkets.

For your pick ups and transfers  shuttle marsala

Night Life

Stagnone offers his best when at sunset the wind weakens, leaving space to the beauty of the sunsets in the direction where the Egadi Islands Marsala, and the same are oriented. The place par excellence to enjoy these sunsets is the Mamacaura.

There are many restaurants where you can delight of Marsala kitchen, perfect marriage between the Sicilian and Arabic cuisine: the emblem of this melting ‘pop it is the cous cous fish. Quote the Sicilian pastries made with ricotta cream: Cannoli, Cassata, cappidduzzi or Cassatelle seems not granted.


Pubs and Bars : In Summer in a few minutes drive you can reach the summer open air disco Chiedilaluna , but with a few minutes more’ you can reach the historic center of Marsala , with its Antico Mercato :by Day the municipal fish market , by night focal center of social life of Marsala with its dozens of venues offering live music and cocktails of all kinds.

No Wind Activities

Made the debts spells a brief guide if the wind betray us some day.

Stagnone : stay in the area and make ciclotouring for the reserve amongst the salt and its views .

Erice : Medieval hamlet atop the eponymous mountain above the city of Trapani , you arrive by car or by cable car from Trapani . it is possible to Down Hill  with a very spectacular and tortuous path .

Trapani : beautiful city full of monuments

Marsala : Lots of suggestions , you can visit the historical cellars of Florio , visit the museums of the Punic wars with the Punic ship intact .




The Nearest Beaches

The closest beaches to Lo Stagnone are the San Teodoro  Trapani  direction ( 5 min by car) , and that of Lido Signorino Mazara direction over Marsala ( 30 minutes by car) .

If you want to do a  one day visit the Zingaro nature reserve and Scopello that are less than an hour’s drive.  Crystal clear waters , emerald green for those who want to kitesurf as well as enjoy the beauty of the Sicilian nature .

Egadi Islands : Favignana , Levanzo and Marettimo , real pride of the province of Trapani , can be reached by a boat ( just six miles away ) or with the many hydrofoils depart daily from Marsala and Trapani , really missed , and still distant by mass tourism .


ericetonnara scopellocala rossa favignana


Guest houses

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Food & wine trips

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Rentals on supervisor

Rentals with assistance (radio helmet is provided by SK). Price  € 80  / day including equipment

Renting equipment

Just for IKO level 3 certified people travelling without their own equipment. Price for complete equipment: € 60 / day

Photo-video shooting

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