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Stagnone Kitesurf chooses SLINGSHOT KITEBOARDING

SLINGSHOT Kite arrives at the Stagnone of Marsala with brand new 2017 gears!

It is a summer day, one of those where the wind does not give great satisfaction and here comes a call on the phone to wake up from the pre-bored stupor, our Slingshot kite for the Stagnone kite school , the top American brand arrived we expected to where we arrived after thorough evaluation, style choices and philosophies maybe even a little visionary, yes, because we are the first!



Stagnone Kitesurf Kite school chooses the Slingshot. Full of enthusiasm, we try immediately the kites, despite the wind is very light, the wing behaves very well and we can appreciate its characteristics. Satisfied! And here Slingshot Kite official supplier and official partner for our school Stagnone Kitesurf. That’s right, from us, from this year, you will find ” Slingshot “, one of the best in the industry brand that has won the brand of the year 2016 AWSI! A brand that has managed to create kites can win world titles, also suitable for non-professional riders because of their versatility, excellent for experts or for newbie considering the extreme security offering with an ad hoc depower. From Stagnone Kitesurf, then you will have the opportunity to try the products, know them and appreciate them and choose the one with the most suitable characteristics for you and your attitude. Do not miss the demo days!


SLINGSHOT RPM:2016_rpm_web_3qr_918x1200-1

Aimed at beginners, intermediates and experts to perfect frestyle, WAVE AND wakestyle. We start from the graphic that is softened than previous models making it more elegant (Slingshot improved in all models), parked on the ground leading edge is slightly raised above the ground, the front bridle incorporates a unique system of rubber bands offer, along with the bar , the possibility to set the kite in WAKE FREESTYLE mode or by varying the point of attachment on the leading edge, at the rear a single rope with the possibility to vary the attack to adjust the pressure on the bar and the response time to commands, in flight the shooting is in relation to the wing size (no more and no less), the RPM provides increased window facilitating the beat and even with little wind window drops minimally, is in the unhooked jumps that ‘ RPM is shown in its true nature, otimo for FREESTYLE, jumps hooked the increase of the wind window makes everything more complicated and therefore requiring increased technical but this wing is higher and flies always; about the response of the bar, if pulled nearly breaks down the wing responding slowly, if we give a decisive blow turns immediately, letting go of the kite bar loses all its power in all wind ranges beginning a slow descent, because safety is at first place! (Characteristic of all Slingshot “models)

SLINGSHOT WAVE SST:ss_2017_kite_wave_sst_3ql

The Gear Dream for every rider in the waves, stable, sweet soft to the bar is the perfect kite for beginners and schools. Suitable to old school and big air is characterized by having a magical drift downwind and speed in a unique loop and power zone.

SLINGSHOT RALLY: ss_2017_kite_rally_3ql

Designed for beginners, intermediates or experts for FREESTYLE WAVE and oldscool. Easy sailing but also adapts to the experts and amazing for the waves, the construction of the leading edge makes it easier reboots water, impossible to do stall, very good feeling to run in one hand, jumps hooked thrust in the air is powerful and steady and you never get the feeling of losing control.


For intermediate and advanced for aggressive performance and FREESTYLE wakestyle. With a short bridle and no pulleys typical hybrid wings which improves the ability to de-power, soft bar over previous models.


You’ll Kiting in lighter winds, and for race too!



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