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Kite Rent Stagnone

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If you arrive in the best Europe Kitesurf spot, Lo Stagnone , and you don’t have any will to combat against airlines and baggage policies about Kitesurf Baggages just send us a mail to book you Kitesurf rent here in Lo Stagnone : Gear Kites boards harneasses and all you need for the perfect Kitesurf trip without any worries.

Rent your Kitesurf Equipment

To do not have available your Kitesurf Equipment while you’re far away from home could be annoying , but it can be even an advantage : weather conditions change suddenly , by renting your Kite equipment you’ll go in the water always with right Kite size . Our beach boys will launch and land your kite to be always in safe conditions! don’t miss a single windy day!  Stagnone Kitesurf has got for you brand new 2019 Core Kiteboarding  in particular :

Core XR 5

For those who need a perfect gear from the free riding to the old school and big boosted jumps.

Core XR your gear for free riding and big jumps.

Core GTS 5

Still don't you know it? The Kite gear everybody is looking for !

Core GTS 5Core GTS your kite for advanced tricks!

Kitesurf Rentals Complete Equipment

Core StagnoneKitesurf Stagnone

Our service

Guest houses

Choose the period for your dream trip in Sicily, and trust us about accomodations, we offer the best located mansions nearest to the spot.

Servizio navetta


Everyday just on demand, you can book your shutte service for the spot once arrived in Sicily, the cheapest and safest way to reach us,book it now.

Pane e panelle

Food & wine trips

Want you loose the superbe sicilian food? Let you guide through north-western Sicily discovering typical food and wine. Best winehouses guided tours.

Noleggio sorvegliato

Rentals on supervisor

Rentals with assistance (radio helmet is provided by SK). Price  € 80  / day including equipment

Noleggio attrezzatura

Renting equipment

Just for IKO level 3 certified people travelling without their own equipment. Price for complete equipment: € 60 / day

Photo-video shooting

On demand is possible to set up a photo or video shooting to capture you in action. Ask for price.