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Catch Him If You Can , Leonardo tries Kitesurfing

We want to welcome Leonardo Di Caprio into the Kitesurf World. ironically Kiteboarding must be the cool new thing to do ?



kite di caprioFew days after his first Oscar for The Relevant in a day off he’s focused on learning Kitesurf in Malibu, California.

The 40-year-old tried his hand at a spot of kite surfing and sported a wide harness around his waist for the occasion as well as a safety helmet.

While being guided by an instructor, the Wolf Of Wall Street star appeared to be deep in concentration as he manipulated the kite.
di caprino kitesurfingLeonardo Di Caprio recently comes out as environment warrior and with a group of stars raised 40 mil $ supporting LDFs efforts to protect key species like the tiger, rhino, shark, and mountain gorilla by working with governments to conserve the jungles, coral reefs and forests they call home.

big thumb up for Leonardo both as an actor and activist. We are waiting for you at Lo Stagnone!