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Stagnone Kitesurf official KSP test center


Our school chooses for its courses KSP SPORTS gears for school materials, also test center to test all materials.

KSP invades Lo Stagnone : Stagnone Kitesurf official test center

Stagnone Kitesurf, chooses for school materials in the 2016 season, a local brand, we are talking about KSP, a brand born from the idea of ​​Alessandro Renella, a young entrepreneur kitesurfer Trapani. Now we ask you, are you sure that the cost of the brand is proportional to its quality? Ksp sports, proposes its Kite line at a cost ranging from 549 (for 7 m) to 769 (for 12m) MSRP € for its products. Honestly, the choice seems apt. Breaking down the net costs for the purchase, allowing the kite to explode in popularity. The fraction of the cost to the most ‘noble brand, does not correspond to lower quality: come to the lagoon, our school is the test center to test all the wings, wet suits, harnesses and clothing Kitesurf Ksp.

Learn Kitesurfing with KSP gears, or just test all materials

A bet, an innovative local brand, spending on research and safely, we tried the kite Revolve 12m for you: the model is KSP Revolve V3, a 5 struts very simple one-pump with a delta-C-shape design, suitable for a lover of both the public and freeride wave due to its buoyancy softness on the bar, and especially for the speed same. Loppare to believe, in fact, the feeling is quite common to have a wing of a smaller size (for its speed and smoothness), but his shot was actually perfectly covers (I would say even more) to its size. Equipped with only rapid valve, which allows a very rapid inflation and deflation, as well as in less time and effort. Good structural fittings, such as reinforced seams on the points of greatest stress, or as caps on the leading edge.   The feeling of the bar is very positive. very good materials, the consistency of the bar feel and is also seen in the details (terminals eva, ropes and cables covering anti-wear and anti cut, the front of the rotation system …). Immediately at first glance one notices that the bar pays very well the gusts, and is very soft and well made. Moreover also countless sessions of use, the grip is very comfortable material.