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Waste At Lo Stagnone :Found responsible

for how long Lo Stagnone, our nature reserve, will be raped by the destruction of human ignorance?


Abandoned boxes and various waste were found, as well as used clothing and even an old copier machine, C / da Ettore Infersa at the gates of the Lagoon Nature Reserve found by Guards Nature Reserve Stagnone Islands. It’s the garbage inspection was performed , among the papers, the guards – directed by the head of the Reserve Roberto Fiorentino and coordinated by Raimondo La Rosa   – they  found a useful test to unmask the author of the unlawful conduct. At the bottom of one of the boxes there was a receipt which reported full name and address of a Marsala citizen that could be the author of this offensive gesture towards the environment. The fact is that the man received at home a fine of one thousand and two hundred euro, double the penalty that is imposed in non-protected areas.

rifiuti stagnone

Stagnone Kitesurf , at the gates of the spring  will start an awareness campaign on the care of the Lagoon of Marsala – Lo Stagnone , taking sides on the front line for the preservation and protection of the reserve .