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Ride Engine ,  the best ever Kitesurf Harness

Ride Engine , the harness that don’t upset , now in the the brand new 2017 model, we have review for you.


Kitesurfing sessions will no longer be ‘the same. Ride Engine revolutionizes how to kite. His lumbar support provides stability and security to our poor backs. The materials used are incredibly sturdy and will last over time. Ride Engine is the only brand on the market to have a carbon support in the lumbar area: any traction thus ends up being written off and the ribs and the same back no more ‘subject to stress. The price on the Italian market is about € 397. We can guarantee that they  are objectively good spent money. Aesthetically, we can safely say that Ride Engine has no rival. The closure of the harness seems to hold from 2 chicken loop, but it is the mechanism that makes it very easy opening and closing of the same.


Harness which rises almost to the throat?  Or Shifts during your sessions?

Ride Engine is the problem solver. No more trauma to the ribs or the : CARBON ELITE, ELITE SILVER, CORE ENGINE EX SEA.

The  California company produced only few harnesses since last year, recently was purchased by Mystic giant. You can customize your ride Engine separate purchase a carbon line (wave configuration) or a Kitesurf hook and / or Wind surf, available in 3 different sizes (sold separately)